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Unlimited Possibilities

In the ever adapting and changing world of fashion there seems to have been a area which has been neglected. The wristwatch.
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March Watch

Here's our favourite watch combination of March!

In this new monthly series we're going to give you our favourite watch of the month. 
March Favourite Eldon Modular Watch
For our first ever watch of the month we've gone for this black and white number. With the contrast of the Emerge White Face and Matte Black Case and Bezel this watch can sit comfortably on your wrist waiting for it's time to stand out. 
Elegant and discreet under certain conditions the Matte Black Case and Bezel allow it to drift seamlessly into your outfit. Giving the Emerge White Face the opportunity to pop when needed.

Shop The Look

Matte Black Case - £54.99
Emerge White Face - £64.99
Matte Black Bezel - £34.99
Black Mesh Strap - £39.99
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Thank You!

On Monday, we received the first lot of our modular Eldon Watches. It was a memorable and significant day here for all of the Eldon Team.
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Eldon's Spring Look

Spring is nearing, so we thought this week we would take a look at some Spring styles you could use this year!
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The Perfect Weekend Watch.

At Eldon we strive to offer the ideal watch for any occasion. Our innovative concept and designs allow you to create the perfect watch for your style and for your life.
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