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Designing An Eldon Watch

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At Eldon Watches we design all of our watches at our office just outside of Birmingham, in the UK. We're proud that every watch we sell has been designed by us. We believe that this connection with the design process brings us closer to our customers. We listen to feedback, we talk to our customers and learn. We then take our learnings to the drawing board and create a line of watches that we know our customers will enjoy.

Unfortunately, it's very accessible for almost anybody to buy a mass-produced watch online these days and replace the logo with their own. That's why you tend to see a lot of 'very similar' watches on the market.

However, at Eldon, we like to do things our own way. We design watches that are unique, practical and most of all stylish. All of our designs are created with our ethos at the forefront. Working closely with our trusted suppliers lets us create our unique and UK's only completely modular watch.

We aim to continue bringing out new designs of watches every year, to give our customers, you, the widest variety of watch on the market. To make your life easier, knowing that your watch collection is prepared for any occasion and any outfit.

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