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Eldon's Spring Look

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Spring is nearing, so we thought this week we would take a look at some Spring styles you could use this year!
As we all know, Spring is the season that we finally get to see some colour back in the sky and on the surrounding landscapes. So, of course, our watch selection are chosen to match the new colourful season that is upon us!
Starting off with this above. We have chosen a nice elegant piece. Created from a Brushed Steel Case and Bezel along with the Minimalist Ocean Face and finished off with our Brown Alligator Strap. This watch would look great on the wrist whilst you're wearing more formal attire. It would blend in to most outfits perfectly, allowing the blue face to pop enough colour into your outfit without it looking outlandish. Cost £169.96
Sticking with a brighter Brushed Steel theme we also believe the Signature Watch - Emerge White will be another fantastic look for the Spring. The Emerge White fits beautifully on the wrist with almost any outfit that you desire, light or dark, stripes or blocks. With the mesh strap offering you a more all round steel look, you really can't go wrong with this watch. Cost £179.96
We thought we'd finish off with a bit of a Spring statement piece. Again, we couldn't really look any further than the Signature Watch - The Classic. This watch can give your look the final wow factor you may be after. If you need something to give your outfit it's final shine then the Brushed Rose Gold Case and Bezel is perfect. Balanced against the The Classic Black Dial and Black Alligator Strap it's one you can wear all day, everyday. Cost £209.96
That's a wrap for this week! Remember you can check out all out Signature Watches here. However, if you're anything like me, you'll want to build your own and you can do this here.
See you next week!
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