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Eldon's Top 3 Watches For Adventure

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It's back. Or, there's "Another One" as DJ Khaled would put it. But anyway, less about DJ Khaled... This week we're going to be talking about our Top 3 watches for the adventurer in you.

When adventuring you need a watch that is going to be practical, rugged and of course, stylish. So, we've had a discussion in the office and we believe these are the Top 3 Watches For Adventure.

1. Stay Stealth 

We didn't have to look very far for our first watch. Of course, it's a watch in our signature range and it's the Stealth Black. In our eyes this is the perfect watch for anything adventure related. It's bold contrasting face allows the time to be read at anytime, including in the dark with our luminous hands.

Stealth Black - £199.96

2. For Land or Sea

Our second pick is the prefect watch for those long relaxed hikes, but also perfect for those adventures over seas. It's strong, sturdy and stylish appearance gives you the ideal watch for a more relaxed adventure.

Minimalist Ocean Adventure Watch

Brushed Steel Case - £39.99
Minimalist Ocean Face - £69.99
Brushed Steel Bezel - £24.99
Blue Alligator Strap - £29.99
Total - £164.96


3. Time To Emerge

Our final pick of this weeks Top 3 is another watch from our Signature Range. Again we've gone for a watch with a Brushed Steel Case and Bezel. However, this time, the simplistic white face adds an extra element of practicality. Matched with a Steel Mesh Strap the Emerge White offers you a solid and practical piece to wear on your wrist wherever the adventure takes you.

Emerge White Signature Watch

Total - £189.96


Adventure Interchangeable Top 3 Watch Watches

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