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Eldon's Top 3 Watches For The Night

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We are back with another Top 3. This week we are going to be covering the Top 3 Watches For The Night. The scenarios we will be covering are clubbing, dining and relaxing. So, let's get into it!

1. The perfect watch for the club

The watch we have chosen for this is simplistic, stylish and suave. It can go with almost any outfit you could want to wear, from a nice shirt, to knitwear, to a simple t-shirt. It's all black exterior gives it a superior look whilst also encompassing the sophisticated classic face.

Matte Black Case - £59.99
The Classic Face - £79.99
Matte Black Bezel - £34.99
Black Leather Strap - £19.99
Total - £194.96

2. The watch made for dining

When you're out dining, on a date, with friends or for a special occasion your wrist plays a bigger part in your outfit then it would in most occasions. For that reason we've picked a watch with elegance and beauty. With a complete steel brushed case, bezel and strap the Minimalist Ocean face gives it the all important wow factor.

Brushed Steel Case - £39.99
Minimalist Ocean Face - £69.99
Brushed Steel Bezel - £24.99
Steel Mesh Strap - £39.99
Total - £174.96

3. Let's just relax

Everyone needs a night in every once in a while. So, whilst you're sat in front of your TV debating what to watch. Why not just take a look down at the wonderful piece that is your wristwatch. For this watch we are using two components from the first watch we looked at, whilst giving the overall look a bit more presence.

Brushed Rose Gold Case - £79.99
The Classic Face - £79.99
Matte Black Case - £34.99
Black Mesh Strap - £39.99
Total - £234.96


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