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Eldon's Top 3 Watches For Work

One of our unique assets here at Eldon is that we can offer you a vast variety of watches to suit any occasion, in fact it's what we pride ourselves on.
That being said, we thought it would only be right if we offered you a helping hand when it came to creating the right watch for you. Therefore today, we are showcasing some of our favourite watches that you can wear to work, whatever your occupation.

1. The Casual Look

Firstly we'll start with the perfect watch for your everyday smart/casual look. The watch we have chosen (below) has you covered on all fronts. The Emerge White dial offers sophistication and elegance and once balanced with the brown leather strap you have the perfect watch for almost any occasion.
Brushed Steel Case - £39.99
Emerge White Face - £64.99
Brushed Steel Bezel - £24.99
Brown Leather Strap - £19.99
Total - £149.96

2. The Formal Look

Are you one who wears a well fitted suit daily? Then we know you're more than likely to be looking for an additional element of class on your wrist too. That's why our signature watch 'The Classic' (below) is perfect for you.
Brushed Rose Gold Case - £79.99
The Classic Face - £79.99
Brushed Rose Gold Bezel - £49.99
Black Alligator Strap - £29.99
Total - £239.96

3. The Active Look

Don't worry, if you're one of the people who works outdoors orienteering, leading sports or any of the various jobs that involve being active we've also got you covered! For you, we believe the perfect watch would be a play on our 'Stealth' watch (below). Here we've slightly tweaked our signature watch by changing the black leather strap to a more robust black steel mesh strap.
 Matte Black Case - £59.99
Stealth Black Face - £74.99
Matte Black Bezel - £34.99
Black Mesh Strap - £39.99
Total - £209.96
Top 3 Watches

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