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How Do Our Modular Watches Work?

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All of our watches are fully modular.

This means that you can easily mix and match different parts in seconds (without any tools) to create a watch style that suits your outfit.

As you'll see in the video below, you can completely change the look of your watch in under 1 minute (although, it may take longer than a minute to decide what style you're going to go for...).



To change the time and date you may need to remove the face from the case to access the crown. However, it is also accessible in the case.
To change the time simply pull the crown out to it's furthest setting (or one click for the faces without a date function) and twist the crown to set your time correctly.
To change the day/date pull the crown out one click. Turn the crown clockwise to change the date. Turn the crown anti-clockwise to change the day. (Don't be alarmed if a day shows in French, simply continue to turn the crown and it will reappear in English. All day/dates are shown in two languages).
How To Interchangeable Modular Specifications Style Watches

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