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How To Use Our Online Watch Builder

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We believe in letting you become the creator. Eldon Watches was born to let you create, change and adapt your watch to suit any occasion or outfit.

Therefore, we have created our own online watch builder to give you the true experience of creating your own unique watch. In this blog we will be giving you a simple guide on how our watch builder works.

Each step is very easy to follow and doesn't necessarily have to be done in the order stated. In fact, it's more fun constantly playing around and testing out some of the 100's of possible variations you can create!

The Basics

Our watch builder provides you with 8 different angles to give you a full representation of the watch you are creating so make sure you check them all out!

There's also a zoom in/out button in the bottom right to let you see the all important details.

1. Choose Your Case

Now we've got the basics covered lets move onto the fun stuff! Starting with the cases, here you can choose between our 3 different finishes. Brushed Steel, Matte Black and Brushed Rose Gold, which I've gone for in my example.

2. Choose Your Face

Now it's time to choose which face you would like to rep in your unique watch. Is it the 'Emerge White', 'Minimalist Ocean', 'Stealth Black' or 'The Classic'. Who doesn't love a nice rose gold case with a deep ocean blue dial? I do, so that's what I've gone for.

3. Choose Your Bezel

Like the cases, we have 3 options for the bezels in the same finishes. Of course, you can choose whichever you like as all Eldon components are fully interchangeable. For this watch though, I've stuck with a clean all round rose gold look and therefore, have chosen the rose gold bezel.

4. Choose Your Strap

The final piece. We offer 8 different straps for you to choose from. Ranging from plain leather, to alligator, to a nice steel mesh strap. Of course, sticking with the rose gold theme, in my case I've chosen to finish my watch design off with a nice rose gold mesh strap.

5. Final Check

Finally, make sure you are happy with what you've created and click BUY!

Your Cart

Once you've clicked buy, your order will be added to your cart and will look like this. Once ordered our team will start putting your watch together and have it sent straight to your door as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading! Click here to start building your watch today and use the code WATCHBUILDER to receive £10 off your order!

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