Kickstarter Launch! – Eldon Watches

Kickstarter Launch!

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Eldon Watches has today launched its exciting new Kickstarter campaign for one of the world’s most interesting watch concepts of the year.
We are hoping to raise over £10,000 of funding for its new type of watch which allows users to interchange every aspect of the watches design, including the strap, face, case and bezel. We believe these first set of watches will set a new benchmark for traditional wrist watches.
We have released a video showing off its new watches which includes details of our four ‘Signature watches’. These will be available with a 45% discount for Kickstarter backers. Alternatively, backers can also pledge for a combination kit which allows them to build and design their own watch from scratch.
You can head over to the campaign here!
Interchangeable Kickstarter Watch

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