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Taking time to reflect

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Eldon Watches was born because I had decided that enough was enough, I wanted my own watch and I wanted it to look the way I wanted it to look. I didn't want to comprise on owning a watch I wasn't 100% happy with.

So, that's when I started thinking of how I could achieve this. Luckily at the time, I was an engineering technician, so to a degree, I knew my way around design. Therefore, stumbling upon creating a fully customisable, modular watch.

Being a watch geek myself, I knew that custom watches and more unique designed watches were (and still are) priced quite highly. Naturally, I'm more comfortable spending modest amounts rather than large sums, so I decided that my watch would be affordable. However, I wasn't going to comprise on quality and that's why all our watches use some of the highest quality materials and best quartz movements you can buy. (You can find the full specifications here).

Eldon Watches was created around 4 principles;

Ease of use

Founder of Eldon Watches, Elliott Haydon


It became real. I found myself sending out watches to our customers based all around the world following a first successful Kickstarter campaign. Raising over £10,000 through crowdfunding, I was able to put our first order in to manufacture our watches in volume. I still can't thank those original backers enough for helping Eldon Watches get to where it is now.

Slimline Eldon Watch


Having sold to customers all over, opened pop-up shops in a major shopping centre, The Bullring, Birmingham. I began to get a lot of feedback and questions were starting to arise around new watch styles. A lot of people were asking "Will you create a slimmer version?" - "Will you make unisex watches?".

Priding ourselves on listening to the customer, the same way I listened to my own instinct. I knew that was what I had to do next. In July 2018, those questions were answered, when we launched our Slimline Collection.

Slimline Watch Bundle


Sat here writing this in 2019 seems a little surreal. Sometimes it takes a deeper reflection to realise how far you've already come. But, for Eldon Watches this is just the start.

I want us to be an internationally known watch brand. I want us to continue to develop, innovate and create watches that our customers love, cherish and have fun wearing. Because without you wearing our watches, Eldon Watches is nothing.


From myself and the rest of the team,

Thank You.



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