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The Perfect Weekend Watch.

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At Eldon we strive to offer the ideal watch for any occasion. Our innovative concept and designs allow you to create the perfect watch for your style and for your life. By changing one or two components you can completely change the feel of your watch from formal to informal.

There's a few specific days a week that are likely to fall into the 'informal' category and those are Saturday and Sunday. So, in this weeks blog we thought we would cover the perfect watch for your playful weekends!

Build Your Own Interchangeable Watch - Eldon Watches

Although the heading states 'watch' as a singular item, we don't believe in such things here. All our watch components are completely interchangeable with each other and we don't believe that our watches are limited to a singular design, we want you to think of them as a complete set, to work for you. 

For that reason, we've chosen 6 components for our Perfect Weekend Watch. The components we've chose are:

  • Brushed Steel Case - £44.99
  • Brushed Steel Bezel - £29.99
  • Matte Black Bezel - £34.99
  • Emerge White Face - £64.99
  • The Classic Face - £79.99
  • Black Leather Strap - £24.99

These components can be put together in numerous ways to create the look you desire. However, our team have decided that their two favourite designs are the images above and below.

Build Your Own Interchangeable Watch - Eldon Watches

Let us know your thoughts on our Perfect Weekend Watch in the comments! We think our designs perfectly cover adventure, play and that little bit of style everyone needs.

You can also build your own watch using our online watch builder! For a limited time only we're also offering a FREE Leather Strap so make sure you sign up to the offer to redeem your coupon!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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