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The Polo Way

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The polo is one of the wardrobe staples. It’s a quiet background player, safe and reliable, but rarely anything to get excited about.

Although, it's preparing for a triumphant return. So, here's our little guide to help you out when you next want to rock that polo.

Lose The Buttons

The collar on your polo shirt should be open by default. You'll find a new trend for the polo shirt is that it doesn't have any buttons at all. The beauty of this simple modification is that the subtraction of those fastening contraptions stops the polo shirt from emitting stag party vibes.

Seek The Stripes

If the amount of retina-searing bright menswear currently doing the rounds is anything to go by, minimalism is dead. This means that, yes, polo shirts to have been given the anti-subtlety treatment with plenty of designs loudly and proudly announcing their presence.

Thankfully, the prescription here is clear: vertical stripes are your most reliable bet. “Bold, block stripe polo shirts are just the thing to raise interest and can be paired with chinos, jeans, trainers and loafers without too much effort.”

Use Pale

In summer almost everyone’s got a little bit of added glow about them. As a result, it’s the perfect window of opportunity to lighten up your polo (and everything else) game.

Start with a grey, white or stone polo shirt, then instead of instinctively grounding the look with dark trousers, try stone, cream or white chinos down below then park your feet in smart leather trainers.


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