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What Are Dress Watches?

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At Eldon Watches we understand that watches are worn for many different reasons. Some people wear them casually, some may only wear them for special occasions, such as a wedding or a business gala. The latter is where the dress watch fits in.
Formal Car And Man In Tuxedo
Dress watches are found to be predominately worn when attending a formal event. This is because dress watches are designed to look clean, smart and accustomed to sitting on your wrist whilst wearing your best suit or tux.
It's likely that at some point in your lifetime, you'll need to add a dress watch to your watch collection. Or, in our case, you'll need to add a different face and strap to your collection.
We pride ourselves on having the only watch that allows you to mix and match your watch to create the perfect style for any occasion. If you're looking for the perfect dress watch then we think you'll love some of our Slimline Watch options.
Eldon Watches Slimline Dress Watch Styles
Here's a list of the components we recommend (See All Slimline Components):
Slimline Silver
Slimline Gold
Slimline Silver Ridged
Slimline Gold Ridged
Silver Ray
Steel Milanese
Black Alligator
Brown Alligator
Navy Alligator
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