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Why An Eldon Watch?

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We believe that you, like everyone else, has your own personal style. Your style shines light on your personality, who you are, what you like and generally what you are about.
We founded Eldon Watches for this exact reason. From our point of view it is unfair that the current market provide you with a watch that isn't as flexible and adaptable as you. That's why we created a fully interchangeable watch. Our watches can adapt, change and be styled specifically for your needs and desires. Whether you are going to work, on an adventure or simply out with your friends.
Eldon Watches Components
How is your watch fully interchangeable? We hear you ask. Well, we've created a little video to show you how. All our watches are made up of four interchangeable parts. The Case, Face, Bezel and Strap. Each component fits with any other component so you never have to worry about that and together they give you the freedom to create over 200 various styles! (Or if you like simplicity, we also have four Signature Watches pre-designed by our in house team to buy off the shelf).
You can start building your own watch today here. Or shop our Signature Watches here.
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